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About us


At some point so far this year, half of the world’s population has been asked or ordered to stay home. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed most of our habits and the purchasing experience is one of the most affected. Quadpack interviewed some of its global clients to better understand what’s behind the e-commerce ‘new normal’.


Meet Community Lab, one of the themes of #qppackfuture that will help you understand what’s to come. Community Lab is one of the themes presented by #qppackfuture this year, as part of in-depth research made by Quadpack’s Design team to understand how people’s lives will be in the next years.


Thanks to our people’s talent and our partners’ resourcefulness, we’re now part of a task force against the virus that is bringing out the best in us. Some of our projects are already in place, supporting health care and other COVID-19 frontline workers.


We’re experiencing a turning point in how we live, behave, improve our lives and those of others. Inspired by such powerful changes in society, Quadpack’s Design and Advanced Technology team is presenting #qppackfuture, a collection of themes based around experiences.


In the third article of our product development series, our Engineering team explains how to transform ideas into projects. It’s not only about drawings and calculations: there’s also a fair amount of innovation and collaboration involved in each project.


Technology has been at the heart of Quadpack’s global expansion. In recent years, organic and inorganic growth posed many challenges for processes, data and system harmonisation throughout the business, so the organisation has opted for a bold digital transformation strategy that will support its future evolution: Quadpack Connect.


2019 has been a remarkable year. As packaging providers, we have a big responsibility towards our planet and communities, so we decided to carry out ambitious plans. We’ve successfully achieved many of them and I’m proud and grateful for what the year has brought to us all.


As a packaging provider, Quadpack carries a big responsibility: to manufacture products that are respectful to the environment. Sustainable innovation is the key to achieve this goal.


As Sustainability and Innovation are key priorities for Quadpack and the global consumer market, the organisation feels the responsibility to work with supply partners from all regions to establish a new way of doing business, where collaboration is the new competition. On November 13, 2019, Quadpack held a dedicated suppliers’ conference on Sustainability and Innovation in Hong Kong to facilitate this new era of partnerships. Held during the 2019 edition of Cosmopack Asia, in attendance were Quadpack’s top 20 Asia supply partners.


The global reach of projects developed by the non-profit organisation proves that social action is in the heart of Quadpack’s commitment with its surrounding communities. The non-profit organisation, established in 2016 went from Good to Great, ending the year with a record mark of 10 projects in 7 countries.


Last June, the Quadpack laboratory team moved to a new home: the brand new 4th floor of Barcelona headquarters, where they benefit from more space and equipment. The laboratory is a competitive differentiator for Quadpack, as few packaging industries provide such a comprehensive range of services.


Every year, Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD), a US-based organization of industry providers, organizes a prize to celebrate young design talent at college level. The ICMAD Young Designer of the Year Award, of which Quadpack is a proud sponsor, is part of our commitment with the future of beauty packaging.


The last 2 years have seen hard work and growth for Quadpack - while the company experienced constant expansion, the teams have gotten bigger, requesting more space and comfort. The group commitment with sustainable practices and people wellbeing posed a very welcome challenge to the Facilities team in the Barcelona headquarters: how to create an office that is easily adaptable to the business changes, eco-conscious and welcoming to Quadpackers and visitors?


South Korea is a global leader in the beauty industry. Not only does it host some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies, but many trends born here have a huge influence in Europe, the US and beyond. Quadpack was an early adopter of the Korean beauty phenomenon. Since 2007, the company has been the exclusive partner of Yonwoo – pioneers of airless packaging – in Europe and Australia.


Held in Bologna, Italy every year, Cosmoprof Worldwide is one of the beauty industry’s leading trade events, covering everything from raw materials to finished products. As Quadpack grows, logically so must its presence at trade fairs, and the intent at Cosmoprof 2019 was to make the company stand bigger, better and more Wow. It worked! This year, the Quadpack stand received a record number of visitors.


Quadpack is a company built on people. Our skills, values, work ethic and shared vision are what drives us forward. We are today an almost 400-strong global team, expanding into new territories. Last year, we significantly increased our presence in Asia and the US. We invested €2.4 million in our production facilities. And we increased our sales by 15%, with a turnover set to hit €104 million.


Cosmopack Asia was a huge success for Quadpack this year. The YouWood collection in particular was a real crowd-puller, comprising selected Q-Line packs adorned with sustainably-sourced wood. As always, Yonwoo’s airless packs proved very popular. Quadpack also participated in the event’s SKINTONIC skincare project, plus we hosted our annual cocktail party – this year, in celebration of our 15th anniversary!


The way we experience fragrance is changing. Young consumers have different expectations and want more than a nice scent in an attractive bottle. So how do we relate to fragrance and how can packagers ensure engagement with the new generation? Investigating this topic was Quadpack’s brief to the students at the ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, Spain.


Sticking a plastic straw in a mojito these days is about as PC as ivory cufflinks. Single-use plastic is the new moral outrage. It has been banned at Wetherspoons and Pret a Manger, and now McDonald’s is testing paper alternatives.


There is no surer way of putting a smile on a child’s face than a circus performance. When that child is disadvantaged through health or circumstance, it’s a way of forgetting day-to-day struggles for some much-needed fun. So when Circus Starr announced its plans to go to Stoke-on-Trent, Quadpack Foundation saw the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand.


Beauty brands need packaging that protect and enable the formula, fit the brand and bring differentiation. Considering this triple requirement as early as possible is the focus of the new department of Design & Advanced Technologies at Quadpack Industries. Dedicated to proactive research into new trends, product ideas, techniques and materials, it aims to work alongside brands and contract manufacturers during the creation of their new formulations.


Quadpack held its Asia Supplier Conference on 8 May 2018 in Kowloon, Hong Kong, in recognition of the strategic importance of its Asian business partnerships. Held at the stylish Hotel ICON, over 30 key suppliers attended the event, as did Quadpack’s Asia Pacific team.


A new production line has been installed at the Quadpack Plastics injection-moulding plant to manage the increased volume of acrylic jar manufacture. Quadpack’s Manufacturing Division now has a combined production capacity of 170 million items a year, including the Quadpack Wood and Quadpack Impressions facilities.


It is every brand's wish to be different. In fragrance, where aesthetics rule, differentiation becomes even more important. In recent years, this has spurred a trend that has seen more and more niche brands appearing in an ever-crowded market. With a large percentage of the 2,000 global fragrance references launched by these niche players last year, the current status looks to be stabilising. In other words, niche is the new normal.


The Healthy Underarm Detox Mask by US brand Lavanila is an all-natural treatment mask formulated to detoxify and beautify the underarm area, while working to ease the transition to a natural deodorant. This entirely new body care concept comes in surprising packaging developed by Quadpack. The brand needed a solution to protect the complex formula, while simultaneously making it easy to dispense and apply. Quadpack's Brush Tube provided the answer.


Quadpack Industries has signed up to the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. The move is in line with the company’s CSR strategy and offers a set of agreed guidelines to ensure responsible governance, while helping to shape a better world.


Quadpack is proud to announce its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, as it approaches its 15th anniversary. Since its foundation in 2003, it has seen a steady year-on-year growth, transforming into a thriving, global organisation. Now, with over 250 employees on four continents and an annual turnover approaching €100 million, it seeks to formally outline its commitment to responsible governance through a far-reaching CSR programme.


Mixing facial treatments is an age-old tradition. Preparing your ingredients before applying them to your face turns skincare into a ritual. One that brings a feeling of wellbeing, of spending some precious 'me-time'. Whether blending your favourite colours or combining different products, this active involvement in the practice of skincare is trending – and packaging is here to help.


Asian beauty brands now have a new source for packaging, design services and the latest in global trends. Recognising the steady growth of Asian domestic markets, Quadpack is expanding its presence in the region. The international packaging group has created a dedicated sales operation to service brands and contract fillers in the Asia Pacific region, led by Regional Director Jason Smith.


It's quicker than sea and cheaper than air freight. Rail transportation is now becoming a viable option for the beauty packaging sector, offering a host of benefits to cosmetics companies. To trial the service, Quadpack's Supply Chain team has just successfully completed its first shipment via rail, on an inaugural journey along the old Silk Route.


The make-up game has changed. The dynamic of 'fast fashion', where customers expect to see something new from their favourite brands on an almost weekly basis, has impacted the colour cosmetics industry. Even for large companies, the lead time from product development to launch has gone from two years to less than three months.


The world is changing. New generations have new priorities, driven by an acute awareness of the need for sustainability. As the Millennials grow up, so their influence grows. While this generation does not have great spending power (yet!), these youngsters are demanding products and practices that respect the planet. Fragrance brands are quick to recognise this demand, understanding that their own efforts at sustainability can only benefit by meeting their needs.


Quadpack's creative team identifies the next big trends in the beauty industry. Its Trend Directive takes a global view of major cultural trends, including consumer lifestyles, and predicts how these will influence formulations, as well as packaging.


Quadpack ended the year with a bang. Our merger with Collcap Group had the industry buzzing. For us, however, it was the culmination of a plan a long time in the making. An agreement to the companies' mutual long-term benefit. And driven by an aggressive growth strategy that will continue to make headlines.


As trends go, perfumery is more enduring than other beauty sectors like colour cosmetics or skincare. This area is less fickle and changeable and more inclined to embrace classic sophistication. Nevertheless, change does happen and is happening now, much of it driven by the new generation of consumers. Isabelle de Maistre, Quadpack's Perfumery Category Manager explains.


It's a fact that make-up and skin care are growing ever closer, and it's the packaging that makes it possible. With formulas combining all kinds of benefits, ranging from anti-ageing treatment, through SPF, to colour, new designs allow favourite cosmetics to be delivered through multi-function packs. The same pack that's good for cream is now often also good for make-up. Sonia Cerato, Quadpack Make-Up Category Manager explains.


The pressure is on for today's busy woman. Increased self-consciousness, pushed by the pressure of social media, compounds her accelerated life rhythm, nurturing the demand for smart beauty products. These must allow beauty routines to be applied anytime, anywhere. Packaging providers are responding with ever more innovative solutions, riding the wave of this rising trend: Beauty on the go.


2015 was an important year for Quadpack Group. It was the year we propelled our Fragrance Division. We strengthened our eco-friendly credentials. Our joint venture Yonwoo Europe saw its co-parent company enter the stock exchange. And we scooped up a few more awards.


Trends and innovation are everything in the beauty industry. That is why, at airless packaging manufacturer Yonwoo, generating ideas lies at the very heart of the business.


It seems 2010 was a good year for Quadpack. It was a year punctuated with new innovations, new offices, key appointments and a continued growth in sales. The company's CEO Tim Eaves reviews some of its 2010 high points.


2012 was a busy but rewarding year for Quadpack. The company saw many changes in direction, strategy, and even location. Here are just some of the highlights.


Quadpack has entered a strategic partnership with Italian company Premi. Premi specialises in customised glass and plastic primary packaging for the beauty industry. Under the terms of the agreement, Quadpack will support Premi’s European expansion plans, while Premi will help extend Quadpack’s stronghold in Italy.


Catalonia's Cosmetic Valley forges ahead with the creation of a new industry association. Quadpack is among the founding members of the Barcelona Beauty Cluster. This initiative kick-started by the Catalonian government brings together local companies active in the beauty sector. Its mission: to exchange knowledge, encourage partnership and promote business within Spain and beyond.


In the fast-moving world of cosmetics, where trends are forever changing, a steady stream of ideas is essential to make a product stand out. That's why Quadpack has inaugurated The Creative Room, a dedicated space at its flagship headquarters where design and marketing specialists can brainstorm new ideas and packaging concepts.


Earth-friendly containers help save resources, energy, money and, of course, the environment. For cosmetics brands, however, such words may conjure up images of low-quality bottles, jars and tubes, that look cheap and perform accordingly. Now more than ever, this could not be farther from the truth. Today's reality is that sustainable packaging can look and perform as well as concepts devised without the planet in mind, while tying in with a rising public awareness.


Quadpack manufacturing partner Yonwoo has recently been awarded ISO 15378:2011 certification. This standard relates to the design, manufacture and supply of primary packaging materials for medicinal products. The certification is the first step in Yonwoo's plans to break into the pharmaceutical packaging market.


The Quadpack Group manufacturing facility which houses the Technotraf factory now includes the Inspiration Room, a brand new space designed to inspire. A peaceful haven amid the industrial activity, the room provides a tranquil environment in which to dream up new beauty packaging ideas. Located in the beautiful Catalan countryside in the foothills of the Pyrenees, this creative space offers stunning, verdant views, among the fragrant smell of wood that permeates the facilities.


Of all the milestones in the beauty packaging industry over the last decades, the development of airless packaging is one of the most game-changing. Congratulations therefore must go to Yonwoo – pioneer and continued leader in the airless field. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the Korean company has developed high-tech airless solutions for major cosmetics companies around the globe, conquering the European and Antipodean markets in partnership with Quadpack.


Over 65 delegates from the leading cosmetics companies attended the first Quadpack Master Class in Barcelona on 28 May 2013. The three-hour seminar offered in-depth knowledge on packaging materials and decoration techniques.


The complete, up-to-date Quadpack product catalogue is at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you want. Hundreds of products stored on a single device, categorised, with detailed specifications, all searchable by keyword for your convenience.