Pierre Fabre deploys Quadpack well pump for Klorane OTC range

French pharmaceutical giant Pierre Fabre has selected Quadpack's well-pump system for its Klorane brand. The innovative pump, specifically designed for delicate formulas, is being used for the Klorane Smoothing make-up remover with cornflower water. Featuring a tamper-evident cap, it allows one-handed use of the product, while preventing contamination and eliminating waste.

Pierre Fabre approached Quadpack France for a solution for the Klorane Institute's sensitive cosmetics formula. Due to the sensitive nature of the product, it needed a delivery system that prevented contamination. Single-handed usage was essential for ease of use, keeping one hand free to keep hair out of the way.

Quadpack's atmospheric well pump fulfilled all requirements and more. It features a flip-top lid and push-down dispenser. Pressing down on the saucer with a cotton wool pad eliminates direct contact with the product while keeping hands clean and dry. Its one-way valve further prevents product contamination caused by seepage.

As an additional benefit, the vertical-action valve also features a concave actuator which allows all product to be used without waste. The pump components are made from recyclable polypropylene and can be used without concern for compatibility issues.

The product won the Care category award by special jury distinction at the 2010 PCD congress.

The Klorane cosmetics range is available OTC from pharmacies only.

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