Protecting the secret of Revium

Revium’s secret of beauty comes from the “land of the cherry blossom”: Wakame algae, known for centuries in Japan for its healthful properties. The secret itself is protected by Yonwoo's airless technology, shielding the sensitive formulas from external contamination, in Jumbo packs developed by Quadpack.

Revium 40+ is a series of skin care products created for women over forty. These innovative anti-wrinkle treatments are based on Wakame extracts enriched with ceramides and vitamin PP metabolite. Quadpack created two airless Jumbo packs for the range, in two sizes.

The 50ml container is used for its Revitalising Day Cream and Regenerating Night Cream, while the 15ml pack contains Revium Eye Cream. The packs protect the products’ integrity by keeping them free from contact with air.

The bottles are colour matched pure white with the branding silk screened in black Japanese-style script, complemented by vivid orange details.

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