Engineers in charge: making packaging happen

In the third article of our product development series, our Engineering team explains how to transform ideas into projects

What do you know about packaging engineers’ work? It’s not only about drawings and calculations: there’s also a fair amount of innovation and collaboration involved in each project. In the third article of our product development series, we talk about how the Engineering team makes sure that materials, moulds and manufacturing processes are the best for the desired packaging. Let’s dive into their craft:

‘Behavioural’ specialists – Provided with the design and clients’ expectations of the pack, our engineers evaluate its technical feasibility. In other words, how it can be produced and if any modification is needed. Experts in materials, they know how each piece will behave in each manufacturing process and will recommend the best fit for every product.

Green innovation – In Quadpack, sustainability is more than a market demand: it’s the foundation of everything we do. Our engineers research materials and concepts to make sure they can be applied to our packaging. They are in touch with the Sourcing & Supply team to look for more sustainable providers and partnerships to make the greenest product possible.

New materials – Clients are eager to try a ground-breaking new resin? Our team is equipped to prove if it’s going to work the way it should, without compromising the bulk stability, aesthetics and usability of the product. If needed, they can recommend the build of a special mould or any modification required.

We have the solution! – It’s not a coincidence that our engineers have the Sales team as one of their biggest partners. They need to make sure our clients are happy, so they go that extra mile to provide them with adapted solutions. Eco-designed, cost-effective, innovative…you name it! They can find the perfect product and material to fulfil the desires of our clients.

Collaboration is key – Internal partnerships with the Business Development team for matching market expectations; Design & Advanced Technologies for improvements; Sourcing & Supply for research and Laboratory for tests and validation are essential to a successful project. Thanks to this collaboration, Quadpack can always exceed expectations when it comes to processes, products, technology and sustainability!

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