Investors and Shareholders

Investors and Shareholders

Compliance programme

We are all responsible for ensuring compliant and ethical behaviour within Quadpack Group and in connection to our business. Only by complying with specific rules, regulations and standards can Quadpack Group take its place in the global community, attract the right talent, meet our customer expectations and ultimately be successful in business. Here, you can learn about the programmes Quadpack Group runs to ensure full compliance.


Our compliance programme, together with specific policies implemented by the Group, has been set up as the mechanism for the protection of commercial and business relations conducted by Quadpack Group, thereby ensuring that our functions are performed in an ethical manner and in compliance with legislation. The corporate environment and applicable legal framework is constantly changing. These changes make it necessary to include supervision and control measures that are appropriate for preventing crimes or to reduce the risk of these being committed, ensuring good practice, not only within the company's operations, but also for all those third parties that might have interactions with the company.

We have implemented the Compliance Policies based on procedures to ensure the appropriate design of organisation and management models aimed at preventing and discovering offences that could be committed in the future.

Anti-Corruption and anti-bribery programme

Anti-money laundering programme

External whistleblowing channel

Personal data protection programme


El programa de Cumplimiento Normativo del GRUPO QUADPACK, junto con las políticas específicas implementadas por la compañía, se configura como el mecanismo de protección de las relaciones comerciales y de negocios desarrolladas por el GRUPO QUADPACK asegurando el desempeño de sus funciones de forma ética y en cumplimiento a las normas. El entorno empresarial y el marco jurídico aplicable se mantiene en constante cambio. Estos cambios hacen necesaria la inclusión de medidas de vigilancia y control idóneas para prevenir delitos o para reducir el riesgo de su comisión, garantizando las buenas prácticas no sólo dentro del desarrollo de la compañía, sino de todos aquellos terceros que puedan relacionarse con la compañía.

A través de la figura del Compliance Officer o Responsable de Cumplimiento Normativo, el GRUPO QUADPACK ha implementado el Protocolo Penal de Prevención de Delitos, basado en procedimientos que aseguren el adecuado diseño de modelos de organización y gestión orientados a prevenir y descubrir los delitos que en el futuro puedan cometerse.

Medidas en materia de competencia

Programa de cumplimiento en materia de anti-corrupción

Programa de cumplimiento en materia de blanqueo de capitales

Programa de cumplimiento normativo

Programa de medidas en materia de LOPD