Quadpack is a company built on people. Our skills, values, work ethic and shared vision are what drives us forward. We are today an almost 400-strong global team, expanding into new territories. Last year, we significantly increased our presence in Asia and the US. We invested €2.4 million in our production facilities. And we increased our sales by 15%, with a turnover set to hit €104 million.


Quadpack Industries delivered strong results in 2017, thanks to its diversified business model and sustainable growth strategy. EBITDA reached a healthy €6.8 million, an increase of 2% over the 2016 results. With a consolidated presence in the European skincare packaging market, 2017 saw the company increase its penetration of the fragrance and make-up markets, together now accounting for 35% of its business. Its hybrid manufacturing/sourcing model keeps its offering flexible, while delivering specialised differentiation through its own manufacturing output.


Quadpack held its Asia Supplier Conference on 8 May 2018 in Kowloon, Hong Kong, in recognition of the strategic importance of its Asian business partnerships. Held at the stylish Hotel ICON, over 30 key suppliers attended the event, as did Quadpack’s Asia Pacific team.


A new production line has been installed at the Quadpack Plastics injection-moulding plant to manage the increased volume of acrylic jar manufacture. Quadpack’s Manufacturing Division now has a combined production capacity of 170 million items a year, including the Quadpack Wood and Quadpack Impressions facilities.


Quadpack Industries has signed up to the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. The move is in line with the company’s CSR strategy and offers a set of agreed guidelines to ensure responsible governance, while helping to shape a better world.


Quadpack is proud to announce its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, as it approaches its 15th anniversary. Since its foundation in 2003, it has seen a steady year-on-year growth, transforming into a thriving, global organisation. Now, with over 250 employees on four continents and an annual turnover approaching €100 million, it seeks to formally outline its commitment to responsible governance through a far-reaching CSR programme.


It was party time in Melbourne last month, as Quadpack's Australian team celebrated its 10th birthday in the illustrious setting of Eureka 89. The founders, staff, VIP clients and suppliers together raised a toast to a successful first decade.


Asian beauty brands now have a new source for packaging, design services and the latest in global trends. Recognising the steady growth of Asian domestic markets, Quadpack is expanding its presence in the region. The international packaging group has created a dedicated sales operation to service brands and contract fillers in the Asia Pacific region, led by Regional Director Jason Smith.


New machinery has been installed at Quadpack's Technotraf wood factory to industrialise the production of unique shapes in wooden componentry. A high-speed CNC (computer-numeric controlled) milling machine and a six-head CNC sanding machine have been added to the plant's installations, following a €400,000 investment.


Quadpack ended the year with a bang. Our merger with Collcap Group had the industry buzzing. For us, however, it was the culmination of a plan a long time in the making. An agreement to the companies' mutual long-term benefit. And driven by an aggressive growth strategy that will continue to make headlines.


The annual Quadpack cocktail party during Cosmoprof Hong Kong this year celebrated the merger with Collcap. Previous Collcap members, including founder John McDermott, joined their new Quadpack colleagues on 17 November on the Rooftop Terrace of the Wooloomooloo Steakhouse in Wan Chai. Over 140 staff, clients and suppliers took a break from the show to relax and enjoy the stunning views over Victoria Harbour.


UK packaging provider Collcap Group Ltd and international packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack Industries SA have merged. The combined group will retain the Quadpack name. Quadpack Industries is now a leading presence in Europe for the manufacture and supply of packaging solutions to the beauty industry.


Quadpack Group has made a major investment at its Manufacturing Division in Torrelló, Spain, as part of its long-term environmental commitment. The installation of a €400,000 bespoke regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) ensures its facilities exceed environmental regulations now and in the future. The state-of-the-art equipment processes emissions from the Technotraf factory's spray coating line.


2015 was an important year for Quadpack Group. It was the year we propelled our Fragrance Division. We strengthened our eco-friendly credentials. Our joint venture Yonwoo Europe saw its co-parent company enter the stock exchange. And we scooped up a few more awards.


In 2003, three companies came together with a simple mission in mind: to help beauty brands perform. Ten years on, cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack Group is proud to say it’s doing that and much more besides.


It seems 2010 was a good year for Quadpack. It was a year punctuated with new innovations, new offices, key appointments and a continued growth in sales. The company's CEO Tim Eaves reviews some of its 2010 high points.


2012 was a busy but rewarding year for Quadpack. The company saw many changes in direction, strategy, and even location. Here are just some of the highlights.


Quadpack has signed a contract with leading Korean manufacturer Apollo to distribute its innovative range of dispensers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The agreement makes Apollo’s cutting-edge pumps, including its high-tech foamers, exclusively available to Quadpack's client base, while providing Apollo with an established route to external markets.


What do you do when the global economy is in a slump? Expand, of course! Rather than tightening the reins, Korean airless giant Yonwoo identified new opportunities and new markets to exploit. Its unconventional approach has resulted in a best-selling airless cream jar running at a capacity of 30,000 pieces a day.


Quadpack has entered a strategic partnership with Italian company Premi. Premi specialises in customised glass and plastic primary packaging for the beauty industry. Under the terms of the agreement, Quadpack will support Premi’s European expansion plans, while Premi will help extend Quadpack’s stronghold in Italy.


Quadpack Group has put in place a strategy to penetrate the Swiss beauty market. Directed from Quadpack France, dedicated resources have been allocated to grow Quadpack's business and better service its clients in the region.


Catalonia's Cosmetic Valley forges ahead with the creation of a new industry association. Quadpack is among the founding members of the Barcelona Beauty Cluster. This initiative kick-started by the Catalonian government brings together local companies active in the beauty sector. Its mission: to exchange knowledge, encourage partnership and promote business within Spain and beyond.


Quadpack has purchased Krampak, a well-established Spanish screen-printing company based in Torelló, in the heart of Catalonia’s Cosmetic Valley. The newest member of the Quadpack group of companies will benefit from a substantial investment to upgrade its facilities over the next few months. Once complete, Krampak will help improve efficiencies, accelerate response times and increase flexibility for Quadpack’s customers.


Quadpack announces that it has acquired Technotraf, pioneering manufacturer of wooden components for beauty packaging. In a strategic move that gives the company its first manufacturing capability, Quadpack will direct Technotraf’s efforts towards expanding the market category.


Quadpack Group is publishing its environmental report this month, following an extensive internal review conducted with service partner Lavola. The report contains a study of the company's environmental impact, along with a summary of action points to minimize it.


Quadpack manufacturing partner Yonwoo has recently been awarded ISO 15378:2011 certification. This standard relates to the design, manufacture and supply of primary packaging materials for medicinal products. The certification is the first step in Yonwoo's plans to break into the pharmaceutical packaging market.


Following extensive renovations and upgrades, Quadpack has officially inaugurated its manufacturing division in Torrelló, Catalonia, Spain. The state-of-the-art facilities now boast five separate areas, including the wooden component factory of Technotraf and the specialist decoration plant of Krampak. The new Division reflects the group's industrial strategy as an end-to-end provider of differentiated packaging solutions.