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Quadpack presents its handy new applicator concepts

Quadpack is once again pushing the envelope of applicator technology with the launch of spatulas and tubes with a pumice stone head. But as David Reguill, the company's Category Manager of the Skin Care Division points out, it's only the beginning.

As beauty formulas become increasingly advanced, packaging them is presenting exciting challenges.

"The aim is to bypass the hand and apply the product directly to the skin," says David.

Metallic rollerballs are now popular for eye creams and other products that require precise application, providing ease of use and a pleasant 'cooling' effect.

Quadpack's Q-Line spatula serves the same purpose, as it not only delivers the formula, but the spherical side of it can also be used to massage your skin. The spatula is made of Zamak; a metal alloy that is extremely pliable and can be injection moulded, affording endless possibilities. But there are many more.

"Ceramic is really taking off and, in a few more years, will come to the fore," adds David.

He envisages it being used for rollerballs, as well as beads, to evenly distribute biphasic formulas inside the bottle. Precious stones, such as jade and amethyst, are also suitable for rollerballs or other kind of massagers: They can not only add a touch of prestige, but are also suitable for aggressive products that don't react well with stainless steel.

"Because of the evolution of formulas, our clients are demanding new solutions for packaging them, using complex and more technical materials," says David. "At Quadpack, we are continually working on new concepts that blend creativity and technology, to help beauty products perform on all levels."

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