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Quadpack introduces a tube that offers total control, one drop at a time

Quadpack has just introduced the first dropper on the market that offers perfect dosage. It's total control from a tube and whilst it sounds too good to be true, the new 15ml Dropper Tube from Yonwoo gives exactly that.

No matter how hard or soft the Dropper Tube is squeezed, it actuates the liquid formula contained within in 0.055ml drops, each and every one the same*, allowing for precise application to a local area, in a delicate gesture.

The one-drop-at-a-time system uses a suck-back system to ensure accurate drop size. Any liquid not completely actuated gets automatically drawn back into the tube. Such precise control makes the tube perfect for oils and liquid serums for targeted skin care and hair care treatments.

Available in two diameters – 19mm (5-20ml) and 22mm (10-35ml) – the Dropper Tube has an interior Luxefoil layer which acts as a barrier to light, gas and moisture and makes it impermeable to organic and chemical substances. It comes with a PCTA pipette and a transparent PETG screw cap, which plugs the pipette's tip when closed.

The tube is also available with Yonwoo's patented Check Valve, which prevents back-flow contamination.

Decoration techniques such as screen-printing, hot-stamping, colour-matching and metallizing can be applied to create a stand-out look that distinguishes your brand.

The concept was pioneered by Korean cosmetics brand Mamonde for its Age Control Camelia Oil, which has become a trending topic in the trend-setting region. Following its huge commercial success, the Dropper Tube is now available in Europe and Australasia from Quadpack.

More information about the Dropper Tube is in Quadpack's catalogue.

*Within a range of 0.060-0.054ml

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