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Magnetic Lipstick: Make-up Modernism from Quadpack's Q-Line

Ever since the silent screen actress Clara Bow made dark, painted lips a sign of femininity and seduction, a beautifully designed lipstick has been considered an object of desire. Quadpack's new lipstick pack brings the story into the modern age.

Part of Quadpack's own Q-Line collection, the Magnetic Lipstick has been designed for the contemporary consumer. Its sleek, minimalist form denotes prestige, while its heavy weight will make it stand out and easy to find in large designer handbags and make-up purses.

Extra weight can be added to both the body and cap for even greater tangibility.

Quadpack's Make-Up Category Manager Sonia Cerato describes the pack's signature feature:

"The product's magnetic 'click' closure echoes the trend for 'la gestuelle', that subtle gesture that adds sensorial experience and surprise to the art of applying make-up. It is also practical, as the soft, audible click tells the user that the lipstick's cap is closed correctly, therefore preventing accidental opening."

The Magnetic Lipstick's smooth, metallic case presents a blank slate for a wide range of decoration options, such as embossing, double anodisation or screen-printing. Whatever the design, however, its bold presence and engaging closure make this a modern classic.

Check out the Q-Line Magnetic Lipstick in our online catalogue.

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