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Quadpack inaugurates manufacturing division on 10,000m2 site

Following extensive renovations and upgrades, Quadpack has officially inaugurated its manufacturing division in Torrelló, Catalonia, Spain. The state-of-the-art facilities now boast five separate areas, including the wooden component factory of Technotraf and the specialist decoration plant of Krampak.

The new Division reflects the group's industrial strategy as an end-to-end provider of differentiated packaging solutions.

Quadpack Group CEO Tim Eaves said:

"We have consolidated all of our industrial capabilities on the same site, to create a single, streamlined Manufacturing Division, where we pool our talent and share our knowledge to create great new packaging concepts."

The 10,000m2 site comprises five areas:

  1. The wood manufacturing plant of Technotraf Wood Packaging.
  2. The decoration facilities of Krampak.
  3. The 'Inspiration Room'.
  4. A 110m2 sample warehouse.
  5. New warehousing facilities.

Over €500,000 has been invested in upgrading the current facility; a brand-new, purpose-built 650m2 decoration area has been built to house Krampak, along with the latest screen-printing, tampo-printing and hot stamping equipment to cope with increased demand. Throughout the facility, new employee dressing rooms and a canteen have been installed and the existing spray-painting facility has been upgraded.

The sample warehouse stocks over 1,000 different packs from Quadpack's standard range in controlled conditions, ready for shipping to anywhere in Europe within 48 hours. The warehousing capability stores semi-finished products for decoration on demand, dramatically reducing lead times.

A preview of the new facilities was given to selected clients at a private event in October, with an exclusive presentation by celebrated publisher Vincent Gallon.

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