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The Mini Syringe Coffret for premium airless treatment programmes from Quadpack

Everybody's skin is unique. So it's no wonder that personalized treatment plans are trending. Cosmetics companies and even dedicated stores are offering products tailored to the individual needs of consumers.

Quadpack Group presents a packaging concept that brings together all the elements required to create a sumptuous, premium skin care programme aimed squarely at the prestige end of the market.

The 2 week programme concept is based around Yonwoo's Mini Airless Syringe housed with 14 mini acrylic jars and an exclusive zamak spatula, inside a luxury coffret. The 3ml sized jars are intended for a facial cream or other daily skin cream. The 2ml syringe is designed to contain the serum with the active ingredient - an anti-ageing formula, vitamin C booster, pore minimizer, etc, for example.

Each day, the consumer opens a new jar and adds a 0.12cc drop of the active ingredient using the push button on the syringe. The ergonomic spatula of Quadpack's own design is then used to blend the two together and apply the activated mixture to the face and neck.

The Mini Syringe Coffret concept is the result of a collaborative effort that pooled the talents of three areas within Quadpack Group: Yonwoo Europe, the Skin Care Division and Design & Engineering. Anne-Laure el Khouri of Yonwoo Europe said:

"This is a prime example of how our specialist divisions work together to bring fresh new solutions to our clients, tying in closely to current and emerging trends. While this is based on a 14-day plan, we can of course adapt it entirely to our clients' requirements, taking care of all the packaging – both primary and secondary – as an end-to-end solution."

The Mini Syringe Coffret will be on display at the Quadpack Stand, No RB14, at the forthcoming edition of LuxePack Monaco.

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