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Protect your formula with Yonwoo's airless Show PP - exclusive from Quadpack

Show PP is Yonwoo's latest airless container, designed for optimal formula protection. Ideal for advanced cosmetics and cosmeceutical products, Show PP combines excellent compatibility with airless technology, for powerful protection on multiple levels and is available exclusively from Quadpack.

Polypropylene is well known for its compatibility with even the most sensitive formulas. Yonwoo's patented airless technology safeguards the bulk in a sealed environment protected from oxygen, gases and other external contaminants.

Show PP's slim silhouette hooks into the current trend of slimline shapes. Despite its 50ml capacity, it looks small and elegant.

Furthermore, the pack's design favours travel, fitting perfectly in carry-on luggage. The lockable actuator has a twist-and-click closure that prevents leaks. It also obviates the need for a cap, so it cannot come off and get lost.

With a perfect 0.2cc dosage per stroke - another benefit of airless technology - the Show PP is an ideal companion product for skin care / face care formulas.

Check out the Show PP specifications in the product catalogue.

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