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Let it roll! The Roll-On Tubes consumers will love to use

Use it upside down or sideways, squeeze harder to increase the dosage, use circular movements for a massaging effect. Quadpack's new range of Roll-On tubes puts users in control of applying the product. They are satisfying to use and the formula glides evenly over the skin's surface.

With a range of diameters and capacities, and a choice of single- or triple-ball applicators, there is a Roll-On tube for any skin care formula. The smallest, with a 19mm diameter, comes with a single- or tri-ball applicator and is perfect for foundation, eye treatments, after-bite creams or travel sizes. A 16mm alternative can be made as a double-ended tube (we recommend 5ml), to combine two favourite products in one easy-to-carry pack.

The 30ml and 35ml single-ball tubes are aimed at body care and products such as insect repellent or SPF formulas. For the latter in particular, the tubes' PE outer layer can feature an EVOH or aluminium lining for protection from light, oxygen and other exterior elements – an optional extra available on all Roll-On Tubes.

The 40ml tube has a tri-ball applicator. This, along with its larger-than-average size, makes it perfect for body care products like anti-cellulite cream, enhancing application with a gentle massage.

The roller balls are available in plastic, cooling metal or resistant ceramic. All tubes offer easy filling from the bottom, into a single, integrated component complete with cap.

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