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Shake it up: Yonwoo Twist and Mix dropper

Responding to popular demand for twin chamber packs, Quadpack is pleased to introduce the Yonwoo Twist and Mix. A variation on the Twin Mix Airless, Twist and Mix is easy to use, engaging consumers by empowering them to activate the formula as and when desired.

Twist and Mix mixes a powder or liquid into a serum, bringing the formula to life in a single stroke. The upper chamber contains 2ml, with a total capacity of 25ml. Twisting the shoulder anti-clockwise automatically opens the seal that separates the two chambers. No need to remove any safety ring or snap on a pipette.

The consumer shakes the pack to mix the two formulas, in order to activate the treatment. The product is then applied using a pipette dropper.

Quadpack’s Twist and Mix is ideal for premium cosmeceutical and skin care formulas. Decoration capabilities such as silk screening, hot stamping, spray coating or metallising can be applied to enhance the luxury aesthetics of the product.

An airless version of the Twist and Mix is currently on the drawing board.

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