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Great strides in tube technology: Yonwoo's Turning Brush Tube

Tube technology is leaping ahead in the beauty market. No longer a basic, low-tech option, the tube now boasts sophisticated features for the innovative application of cosmetics products. Yonwoo’s new Turning Brush Tube is typical of this trend.

Ideal for foundations and facial masks, the Turning Brush Tube enables consumers to recreate ‘cold sponge’ spa treatments at home. Simply twist to unlock the tube and spread the formula over the desired area using the soft brush applicator. The gentle brush strokes feel pleasant on the skin, for a satisfying sensory experience.

After use, the brush can be cleaned in the locked position and left to dry, ready for the next application. The ventilated cap prevents the build-up of humidity.

The locking mechanism also avoids leakage, making the Turning Brush Tube a handbag-friendly item, suitable for travel.

This elegant tube comes in capacities between 35-90ml, with a snap-on neck. PP and PE materials ensure compatibility with most skin care formulas. Decoration options include hot-stamping, off-set printing and silk-screening.

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