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Fragrance, who to be today?

Stylish, subtle, lively, distinguished. Perfume allows consumers to be whoever they want. That makes choosing a fragrance an emotional choice, with packaging a key decision-making factor.

Whether the perfume is woody or spicy, heady or floral, Quadpack can help with a world of creative perfume packaging, making the perfect match for the personality of a brand.

Quapack, in partnership with Premi, offers a full range of perfume bottles, from classic shapes and slim vials, to avant-garde formats for niche brands like children's cologne. In these times of hyper mobility, Quadpack introduces attractive options for solid and roll-on perfumes, along with compact travel-sized bottles for spray, roll-on and regular dispensing.

One or two carefully-chosen decorative elements allow the perfume bottle to truly reflect the individuality of your product. Spirit can design beautiful charms that hang from the neck of the bottle – offering consumers a desirable keepsake that differentiates your brand. And from Technotraf, a select range of luxury wooden bottle caps can give your product an organic touch that’s in line with the latest trend.

Spirit and Technotraf are Quadpack companies.

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