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EVOH-lined tottles for a longer shelf life

High-tech SPF formulas deserve advanced packaging concepts. Enter the tottle – an attractive, practical solution for sunscreens. A layered composition can protect the formula inside, while its inherent ‘bounce-back’ flexibility means that every last drop can be squeezed out, an important selling point in today’s marketplace.

With increasing sun safety awareness, monitoring the shelf life of a sunscreen is becoming common consumer practice. Experts point to a maximum of three years, but the formula’s exposure to air can diminish this.

Quadpack’s range of tottles can be single-layered PE or multi-layered to include a sheath of EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol copolymer), providing a powerful barrier against oxygen and other exterior elements.

Quadpack’s tottle collections come in a variety of capacities, from travel-friendly 5ml up to 180ml, and shapes, from curved edges to elegant elongated silhouettes. Each model can be customised using a host of decoration options, providing a prestigious and aesthetically-precise concept for high-performance sunscreens, as well as hair conditioners, body lotions, face creams and foundations.

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