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Big plans for 2013

2012 was a busy but rewarding year for Quadpack. The company saw many changes in direction, strategy, and even location. Here are just some of the highlights.

The head office moved to a stunning new setting in the Plaza Europa business district in Barcelona, Spain, housing the central test laboratory, global sales and marketing, finance, and operations. At nearby Barcelona port, the firm inaugurated a central logistic platform to streamline global shipments. Both moves will enable Quadpack to provide an enhanced service to clients.

In terms of partnerships, Quadpack joined forces with Italian perfumery packaging specialist Premi. This alliance is already bearing fruit, enriching the company's portfolio with a high-end range of perfumery products to further penetrate the fragrance market.

2012 was also the year Quadpack launched its campaign into cosmeceuticals, an initiative that will go forward in full force this year.

The addition of Quadpack Bespoke, the firm's new 3D rendering service, enjoyed much interest from clients and media alike. This value-added service will help clients visualise technically-sound pack designs for new launches and line extensions.

And despite the global economic crisis, Quadpac's turnover increased 15% over the previous year. The company cosniders that this achievement is thanks to its loyal customers.

Looking ahead, Time Eaves, the company's CEO, believes 2013 is set to be even busier. The company's product team is lining up the latest trends and innovations from around the globe. The marketing team is preparing to deliver news tightly focused on specific areas of interest. The strategy team will be pursuing initiatives to expand the business into new market segments. But first, Quadpack needs to celebrate its 10th anniversary, with plans to release anniversary edition products, special events throughout the year, and perhaps a cocktail party or two. Expect to hear more very soon.

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