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Absolution well pump grabs three prestigious awards

Absolution's well pump developed by Quadpack has now scooped up three awards since its launch. L'Eau Soir et Matin eau démaquillante won the Wallpaper Design awards 2010, the 2010 PCD Care category award by Jury selection and the Special Jury Prize at the Beauty Challenger Awards.

Eight airless packs were developed for the organic cosmetics brand. Besides the multi-award-winning L'Eau Soir et Matin, 30ml Yonwoo PP Jumbo jars were used for its Crème du Jour, Crème du Soir and Crème de l'Homme range of delicate facial creams. Standard 15ml PP packs were developed for its unisex Solution range (Anti-Age, Contrôle and Energie).

Eco-cert certified, Absolution goes back to basics, offering a simplified organic range designed to adapt to the skin’s needs and moods. Airless technology is perfect for these delicate formulations, enabling the use of less chemicals and preservatives, while safeguarding the products from external contamination. The polypropylene material used in the jars and packs are entirely recyclable in line with Absolution's commitment to sustainability.

The eye-catching designer packs are decorated in black and white, breaking the usual design codes for a look that conveys chic minimalism.

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