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Quadpack targets OTC and cosmeceutical markets

Quadpack Group has kick-started an ambitious drive into the OTC and cosmeceutical markets. The global campaign initially focuses on Spain, where newly-appointed Roberto Alba is tasked with testing the waters.

“Spain has a high percentage of pharmaceutical companies and laboratories dedicated both to own brand development and contract manufacturing, so it makes sense to start our campaign here,” said Roberto.

“We will leverage our leadership position in cosmetics packaging to demonstrate our capability to deliver solutions that meet the complex requirements of OTC products. We have the technical know-how and the exclusive distribution agreements in place to develop packaging that protects and dispenses the formula ergonomically, accurately and hygienically. What’s more, we are in a unique position to offer previews of emerging trends in pharmaceutical packaging.”

Among the first solutions to be marketed will be Yonwoo airless packs. Airless technology is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical formulas, as it helps protect their integrity by preventing external contamination.

Apollo’s foamers and oil pumps will be targeted at the OTC babycare market, as they lend themselves perfectly to body washes, baby oils and other infant skin care formulas.

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