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Quadpack's latest lipstick ranges

Quadpack has released a comprehensive collection of lip stick and pan stick containers. Glamorous, subtle, romantic -  a wide range of formats is available to support a brand and enhance a consumer's experience when using a cosmetic product.

With a variety of materials, closures and shapes, combined with a choice of decoration options, a unique lipstick pack can be developed for a brand that really stands out on the shelf.

Clients can choose from the following cup sizes:

  • Standard lipstick (11.8mm, 12.1mm & 12.7mm)
  • Mini lipstick (9.5mm)
  • Slimstick (11mm)
  • Airtight lipstick (12.1mm)
  • Large diameter foundation stick

Quadpack’s range includes both plastic and high-end aluminium cases, in rectangular, cylindrical, and oval formats as well as custom shapes. Closure options include click and screw types. Decoration options depend on the material chosen, while custom decorations available include complete shape tooling or embossed/stamped logo tooling.

All of Quadpack's lipstick containers have one thing in common: top performance. Their smooth mechanism ensures easy actuation and application.

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