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The secret's in the cap: Yonwoo's new 2-in-1 concealer packs

Yonwoo's latest 2-in-1 Concealer packs add a touch of style to cosmetic products. Available as either Jumbo jars or tubes, the Dual range is ideal for foundation with concealer or other two-part treatments. These innovative packs feature a flip-top cap with optional mirror, which doubles as a container. The cap snaps or screws off to open the jar or tube containing the bulk.

The Dual Jumbo jar has a single-moulded cap with a concealer area with a capacity of 4ml. The cap fits all jars in the Jumbo PP (30ml to 200ml) and the Jumbo Jar Bulge range (30ml and 50ml). The foundation is contained in the airless jar, which shields the product from contact with air for long-lasting integrity. The press-down actuator allows the consumer to apply the foundation in small doses, either by hand or with a small sponge or cotton wool pad.

The Dual Concealer Tube fits the 30mm and 35mm diameter tube and is available either in polyethylene, with one, three or five layers, or as a Luxefoil tube for sensitive formulas. Luxefoil tubes feature an aluminium inner layer which acts as a barrier to light, gas and steam, protecting formulas sensitive to light and oxidation. Tube size ranges from 20ml to 90ml.

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