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The jar that defied the recession

What do you do when the global economy is in a slump? Expand, of course! Rather than tightening the reins, Korean airless giant Yonwoo identified new opportunities and new markets to exploit. Its unconventional approach has resulted in a best-selling airless cream jar running at a capacity of 30,000 pieces a day.

Since first bringing airless to market 12 years ago, Yonwoo's ongoing education campaign has been extolling the benefits of this technology. Less product contamination, greater ease of use and less need for artificial preservatives, to name a few.

Premium brands were quick to recognise its value. This elite group of early adopters propelled the popularity of airless packs, while Yonwoo’s improved production methods allowed it to issue a more economical range for the masstige market.

The Econo range of PP airless containers was an instant hit. So, when Yonwoo invested $8m in two new production plants earlier this year, it dedicated $4.3m and 3,000m2 solely to the manufacture of the Econo cream jar. The factory is now fulfilling a 10m piece order and the jar has become the company’s top-selling product.

Yonwoo's Econo range is available exclusively from Quadpack.

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