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The science behind younger-looking skin

A scientific discovery at Cambridge University has led to a patented breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. New Zealand skin care brand MitoQ has just launched an anti-ageing facial cream that replenishes the skin’s natural anti-oxidant levels. Claimed to be a world first in anti-ageing skin care, MitoQ benefits from the powerful protection of Yonwoo airless technology.

MitoQ worked with Quadpack’s Melbourne office to develop a suitable container for the delivery of its advanced facial cream. A 50ml airless container from Yonwoo was chosen for its shielding properties, sealing the product in a safe, airtight environment.

A black-to-transparent vignette coating on the bottle and cap gives the product an immediate exclusive and premium look. The dual-wall structure and silver anodised pump add to the pack’s appeal.

"It has taken us 10 years to develop the world’s strongest antioxidant, so we needed to know that it was presented in packaging that was world class and would translate our values: luxury and efficacy across all global markets," said Sarah de Castro, global communications, MitoQ.

"Working with Quadpack was a natural choice, because of their international reputation and world class expertise. We are delighted with the resulting packaging, as it is both highly functional and luxurious."

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