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Corymer protects the environment with refillable packaging

Take care of yourself. Take care of the environment. That's the motto of Belgian cosmetic company Corymer. The brand has embraced airless technology for its full range of facial and body care products. As part of its environmental policy, it uses refillable 30ml and 50ml Yonwoo Show Bottle airless containers, while its marine cosmetic range can be used in smaller doses than other brands.

The Show Bottle is an attractive pack with a smart, cosmeceutical look and feel. The inner container is visible through a transparent outer wall. Corymer has decorated the pack with a printed label applied to the inner bottle, using the brand’s blue and green colour scheme, which emphasizes the marine-based ingredients of the formula.

In addition, Corymer’s Tonic Lotion can be used with one hand thanks to Yonwoo’s 200ml well pump with push-down actuator disc. This allows consumers to hold their hair back with one hand, while applying the lotion with the other using a cotton wool pad.

Refills are available for both the lotion and the facial care products.

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