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Reinventing the foamer: Apollo's deep cleansing brush

There’s nothing like foam for deep cleansing treatments, and Apollo’s Silicone Brush Pump from international cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack transforms formulas into luxurious, soft-textured foam, that spreads easily onto the skin by way of a smooth silicone applicator.

Ideal for foaming facial washes, purifying cleansers and other deep cleansing treatments, the Apollo Silicone Brush Foamer Pump offers consumers an enhanced sensory experience. Products are rendered silky soft and easy to apply, as well as visually appealing, instantly upgrading perceived value.

With a relatively low MOQ for custom shapes and a host of decorating options including aluminium collars, this foam pump becomes a viable proposition for bespoke packs with real shelf appeal.

Apollo’s patented foamer technology keeps the formula separate from metal parts for enhanced product integrity. The pump delivers 0.8cc of liquid per stroke and features an attractive curved closure and an overcap that safeguards hygiene and avoids accidental dispensing.

To use, the pump is unlocked with a simple twist. A foaming dose of the product is applied directly onto the skin in circular movements. The silicone brush applicator can then be removed and washed, for hygienic usage.

Quadpack is the exclusive distributor of Apollo dispensers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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