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Yonwoo's Show Bottle for Frezyderm's premium OTC range

Greek pharmaceutical company Frezyderm has chosen Yonwoo’s Show Bottle for its premium range of OTC skincare treatments. This smart choice combines Yonwoo’s airless protection with a test tube shape that inspires consumer confidence.

The Show Bottle has a striking spherical bottom, showcased through a transparent outer base. With an inner bottle and actuator made of recyclable polypropylene, it offers excellent compatibility with a wide range of products. Patented airless technology protects the formula’s integrity and makes it capable of dispensing high-viscosity formulas with ease.

Quadpack has developed all three packs in the range for 11 skincare products. The 15ml Show Bottle is used to contain Frezyderm’s Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream and Eye Balm. The 30ml pack is used for its Revitalising Serum. The tall 50ml packs contain a range of moisturising, sun protection and anti-ageing treatments.

The packs feature a metallised ABS collar, a white PP inner bottle, a clear SAN outer and a white PP actuator.

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