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Yonwoo’s Shut-Off Nozzle takes airless technology to new heights

No matter how effective an airless container is, there is usually a degree of air contact inside the actuator. Now, Yonwoo has addressed this issue with a clever innovation: the Shut-Off Nozzle.

Yonwoo’s Shut-Off Nozzle prevents air re-entry and bulk exit through the actuator of an airless container. This ensures optimal formulation protection and prevents oxidation of the bulk trapped in the nozzle. By not letting the product dry out at this end, it also avoids clogging, particularly when the pack is left on the shelf for any length of time.

Functionality is deceptively simple. The pressure of the finger on the actuator opens the orifice and pushes the bulk outward. As soon as pressure on the actuator is released, the orifice immediately closes, isolating the product inside the nozzle from the outside.

Yonwoo’s Shut-Off Nozzle is currently developed for the DC airless range. The actuator, which can deliver an accurate dosage of 0.20cc, can be adapted to other airless ranges including the Solid, Solid PP and Rim Base ranges with a retooled cap to fit the increased height.

Yonwoo’s Shut-Off Nozzle is ideal for skin care, make-up, hair care, and body care products.

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