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Beauty therapists use Q-Line Zamak Spatula with Skeyndor's lifting treatments

Consumers are being pampered with Skeyndor's Power Hyaluronic facial lifting massage at over 10,000 spas and beauty centres across Spain. What makes the treatment special is its four-phase programme and the use of Quadpack's Q-Line Zamak Spatula.

The programme works the eye contour area through stress reduction, correction, lymphatic drainage and eye lash treatment, to produce a bright, rejuvenated look.

The Zamak Spatula is used to massage this delicate area without dragging the skin, easing out tension, activating circulation and applying the formula deep into wrinkle zones for optimum effect.

The flat side of the spatula is used to smooth out wrinkles, massaging the formula into the skin for a noticeable lifting effect. The round side of the spatula is used to apply Skeyndor's fortifying gel onto eye lashes in circular motions, to help absorption.

"The Zamak Spatula produces real results," said Skeyndor Brand Manager María Flor Ramírez. "We carefully chose this applicator because of the differential value it offers in our market. The area around the eyes is small and delicate and it has to be worked gently to avoid damage. Thanks to the spatula, beauty therapists can model, drain and massage the area so much more delicately and precisely. And it gives an immediate cold effect, which is a pleasant sensation for the consumer."

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