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Sinerga selects Yonwoo's finest for its new cosmetics range: Hyperforming Skincare

Quadpack Group has been working with Sinerga to package its innovative formulas. The leading Italian contract manufacturer chose four Yonwoo airless packaging solutions and has incorporated these into its latest hyper-performing formulations offering to the cosmetic, dermocosmetic and pharmacy industries.

"We selected these packs as they perfectly match three key consumer trends detected by our Sinerga Trends Lab: hyper pragmatism demanded by today's busy, multi-tasking women; science in cosmetics; aesthetic medicine inspirational performances. Furthermore, these packs are innovative, technological and self-explaining. They communicate innovation, hyper-effectiveness and the precious nature of the products. We decided to summarise all these concepts under the name 'Hyperforming Skin care'," explained Elena Carnaghi, marketing manager at Sinerga.

The range, launched at the Luxepack Monaco in October, comprises four skin care treatments:

Lift-Up Serum

This de-stressing booster comes in Yonwoo's Airless Dropper, which uses an auto-loading system for perfect dosage.

Skin Renewal Activator

Packaged in Yonwoo's Airless Twist and Mix, this radiance booster comes with two active ingredients which are kept separate until application to preserve their efficacy. The Skin Renewal Activator was recently selected for display at the ICSE Innovation Gallery.

Eye Perfecting Dropper

Dropper Tube delivers this eye-contour revitalising formula one 0.10cc drop at a time. Its Luxefoil lining protects the product behind an aluminium barrier, in addition to Yonwoo's airless system, for maximum protection of this very advanced formula.

Deep Replumping Ampoule

Presented in the Ampoule Program with silicon pipette, this skin permeation enhancer is nothing less than a luxury spa treatment for home use, complete with refills.

Yonwoo's airless technology shields each one of the formulas from external contamination, keeping it free from oxygen, while preventing back-flow through its unique check valve.

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