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Spotlight on secondary packaging

Buying premium cosmetics is not an act undertaken lightly. While luxury brands often have a loyal fan base, the decision to purchase a new product often takes a little convincing. This is when secondary packaging can play a vital part in the process.

The quality of the product, the primary packaging and the promotion surrounding the launch all work together to seduce the consumer. But adding a little extra can help make that final push. A fragrance bottle in an attractive box, an anti-ageing treatment plan in a luxury coffret, a premium lipstick in a leather case. These items give the consumer more than just the product. They add value in more than one sense.

Quadpack Group Secondary Packaging Manager Amanda Bocker explains:

"They transform a person's beauty product purchase into something special. Take a wooden box, for example. You're taking home something so exceptional, it has a box especially made for it. Of course, the great thing about them is that they can be used as a jewellery or vanity case afterwards, which keeps the brand in sight and in mind."

It's beautiful, it's useful, it's free and, if it's linked to a promotion for a limited time, it becomes even more irresistible.

So what secondary packaging is popular on the market now? Gift With Purchase and Gift with Purpose vanity bags are still as popular as ever, with many of the skin care, make-up and fragrance brands opting for this kind of seasonal promotion.

Nearly every brand on the high street has a gift box to offer. The most popular are rigid card constructions covered with premium-looking, textured papers with special-effects printing and lots of ribbons!

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