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Erborian revives traditional Korean cleansing rituals

Beauty brand Erborian adapts Korean skincare expertise to beauty rituals around the world. One of its latest offerings brings traditional Korean cleansing routines into the modern age, in a new collection packaged and supplied by Quadpack.

Founded by a Korean scientist and a French beauty expert, Erborian effortlessly bridges East and West, with a Seoul-based lab and dedicated stores in Korea, France, Moscow and Hong-Kong. Quadpack's presence in both France and Korea, its flexibility and its ability to provide the full range, ensured a smooth working relationship in the run-up to the launch.

The new cleansing products include a solid cleansing oil, a herbal cleansing cream, exfoliating pearls and a trio of konjac sponges, all designed to stimulate and refresh the skin, leaving it free from impurities.

Based on the Korean double cleansing method, SOLID CLEANSING OIL 2-in-1 combines the performance of a cleansing oil with the gentleness of a cream. The solid product turns into an oil upon contact with skin, then changes into a silky lotion when rinsed with water. The solid formula is held in an 80g PETG jar, colour-matched a natural green, with the branding silk-screened onto the jar and cap.

Inspired by the same Korean ritual, CLEANSING CRÈME aux 7 Herbes transforms from a rich, creamy texture into a milk on contact with water, leaving skin perfectly cleansed. CRÈME SCRUB aux 7 Herbes, on the other hand, is a gentle exfoliator made with micro-pearls that transform into mini cleansing 'sponges' on contact with water. Both come in an elegant 50ml oval tube with aluminium cap, with the same Erborian decoration applied for a natural, consistent look and feel.

The Erborian EPONGE KONJAC is available in three types: Natural, Charcoal and Green Tea. The konjac sponge is made from an Asian plant that has long been used in Korea to cleanse the face and body. The sponges are presented in individual branded sachets and were sourced and managed by Quadpack's Secondary Packaging team, working in conjunction with Quadpack's package developers.

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