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Quadpack meets French Haute Parfumerie in the shape of Atelier des Ors

Atelier des Ors is driven by a passion for the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie. Its "magnetic, passionate, elegant and sophisticated fragrances" are the height of luxury, each one containing flecks of gold. The packaging is equally precious, creations dreamed up by Centdegrés – and has been brought to life with some help from Quadpack's Fragrance Division.

Centdegrés created a unique signature featured in each of the five poetic fragrances: Aube Rubis, Lune Féline, Rose Omeyyade, Cuir Sacré and Larme du Désert. The rounded-edged silhouette of the bottles is beautifully mirrored in the black zamak caps developed by Quadpack. A black lacquer finish gives them a glossy sheen, while the logo is discretely debossed on the top.

Working closely with the client from Centdegrés' designs, Quadpack adapted the artwork to the outer packaging to suit an industrial printing process. Its Secondary Packaging Division produced a new inner sleeve that envelops the bottles, as well as an outer box consisting of a rectangular base with an EVA inner tray, and a lid. The soft-touch material and magnetic closure add to the feeling of luxury.

The result, with gold patterns and lettering hot-stamped onto a rich chestnut background, is nothing less than befits a niche Haute Parfumerie fragrance.

Atelier des Ors gilder artist and founder Jean-Philippe Clermont said:

"It has been a pleasure to adapt the design of Centdegrés hand in hand with Quadpack's Fragrance Division. They showed complete dedication with regard to the design and brand DNA, which is an integral part of our amazing product. They always looked carefully at our requests and were ready to push the limits. I really look forward developing further projects with them."

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