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Quadpack's Maxi Jumbo for picture-perfect make-up

Women today lead busy lives, juggling multiple aspects at the same time: work, family, friends, hobbies. And all of it captured in the moment to be shared with loved ones on social media. This puts the pressure on to look good at all times. Make-up concepts that help achieve this quickly and easily are much in demand. For selfies in particular, foundation is key in preparing to face a mobile camera. Quadpack Group's new Maxi Jumbo is one packaging solution that helps accomplish a picture-perfect look in minutes.

An evolution of the panstick, Maxi Jumbo has cup size 18 for larger-volume make-up. It is designed to enable quick, consistent coverage all over the facial area. This is a facestick ideal for foundation, blush and highlighter, but its use can extend to skin care, sun care and even solid perfume. It is also great for glowing and highlighting, quickly giving a natural touch of 'health' to the skin.

Maxi Jumbo's flush look adapts itself easily to match any range. From hot-stamping to metallisation, it is a blank canvas that can be decorated to take on almost any kind of look.

And being a stick, you can take it with you anywhere. So when that photo opportunity presents itself and you left home in a hurry, there’s no need to worry. Get your foundation right and you're most of the way there to a flawless, selfie-ready finish.

The Maxi Jumbo will be officially launched at MakeUp in Paris. A dual version is planned later in the year, with a sponge on one end to blend the product without using fingers.

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