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Quadpack News


Quadpack invests in new emission control system at Technotraf

Quadpack Group has made a major investment at its Manufacturing Division in Torrelló, Spain, as part of its long-term environmental commitment. The installation of a €400,000 bespoke regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) ensures its facilities exceed environmental regulations now and in the future. The state-of-the-art equipment processes emissions from the Technotraf factory's spray coating line.

RTOs are the most widespread technique today for reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Quadpack’s new installation treats VOCs through a process of oxidisation at high temperatures, transforming them into non-pollutant components such as CO2 and H20, in a clean oxidation process. The heat generated is reused to operate the equipment, keeping energy use at a minimum.

With a steady increase in production volumes at the Manufacturing Division, the new RTO will help ensure that its processes have minimal impact on the environment and remain compliant with current and future legislation.

The investment fulfils a key action point on the group's environmental report published in March 2015.

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