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Meet the Business Unit Director: Jason Smith, Quadpack Australia

Continuing our series of interviews, Jason Smith illustrates the cosmetics packaging markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Quadpack: Please describe the industry sector in your territory.

Jason Smith: The Australian and New Zealand beauty markets are developing at a phenomenal rate. In the five years that Quadpack Australia has been in existence, we have noticed client expectations becoming increasingly sophisticated and the industry rising to the challenge. There is a strong focus on natural and organic products, with a growing emphasis on cutting-edge cosmeceutical formulations and packaging.

Q: What is your background, both in the industry and at Quadpack?

Jason Smith: I have always had a passion for doing whatever it takes to exceed clients’ expectations. My background is in customer services in manufacturing in Australia. I moved to the UK, where I was client service manager at Quadpack UK for three years. This was an exciting period for me, being involved in the initial growth of Quadpack and learning more about the beauty industry.

In late 2006, it was decided to set up a dedicated office to meet the demands of the Australian and New Zealand markets. In consultation with current Quadpack Australia chairman Jeremy Garrard and group CEO Tim Eaves, I returned to Melbourne to develop the business in the region. In the past five years, we have grown Quadpack Australia from humble beginnings to the team we have today.

Q: What is it like to work at Quadpack Australia?

Jason Smith: Fascinating and exciting. The beauty industry is moving so quickly, I still learn something new every day! With its global network of offices, Quadpack truly is an international concern but, within that, our team is relatively small and close-knit. We work very well together and always feel proud to see our products on shelves throughout the world.

Q: Where does Quadpack fit in the market in your area?

Jason Smith: Quadpack has built a solid reputation in skincare in Australia, particularly with the innovative, beautifully-designed and high-performance Yonwoo airless products. Most of our business here is in the masstige to premium end of the market.

Q: What are your plans for Quadpack Australia in 2012?

Jason Smith: We will be expanding our team to consolidate our presence and give our clients the best possible packaging experience and help their products succeed. We have already started with the addition of Domenic Maisano in sales, responsible for Sydney and Brisbane. We will also work to strengthen relationships with our manufacturing partners. Last year, we signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Apollo and we are talking to Brivaplast to offer its professional make-up packs in this region. In operational terms, we are rolling out SAP enterprise software to streamline our processes for improved productivity and a faster, more efficient service to our clients.

Q: What’s next in cosmetic packaging?

Jason Smith: Is there a harder question! While innovation is always sought after by our clients, retro packaging often reappears. What’s sure is that we always track the market to ensure our clients have access to tomorrow’s hot trends.

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