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How to make your palette pop!

Quadpack's Make-Up Division is launching a new range of palettes. First on the market is a 10-Tray Palette for eye shadow and lip gloss, with an applicator recess, ABS components and a mirrored top.

In addition, a bigger sized palette is on the drawing table with inserts for face products. Quadpack's own Q-Line version, to be launched later this year, will target the mixing trend and focus mainly on lip products. Enhanced with a built-in mixing tray, this artist-inspired palette will enable consumers to create their own personal colour or added depth or dimension. Poured lip products, glitter, pressed powder... once mixing feasibility is confirmed by the filler involved, infinite combinations of product creations are possible.

The 10-Tray Palette and previews of the larger palette concepts will be revealed at MakeUp in Paris.

A palette that's uniquely yours

What makes the palette range special, however, is what Quadpack – and your brand – can do with it. Whether used for the nude shade trend or for smoky eyes, each palette offers the potential for complete customisation.

Add a mixing tray, custom-shaped pans or simply a great decoration. Quadpack's experts will help you make your palette pop. Taking a look from our Trend Directive, Free Spirit draws out an eclectic, young, vibrant and care-free personality. For a palette, this might mean contrasting colours, surprising applicators, bespoke inserts or even covering the outer case with mix-matched fabrics.

What was once a simple palette becomes something truly unique to your brand, yet totally on-trend with a little help from our designers.

Find out what you can do with your next palette and contact your Quadpack representative.

Check out our palette range in our online catalogue.

Watch the palette slideshow and other videos on our YouTube channel.

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