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Siquens selects Quadpack's glass-effect dual-wall jars

Quadpack has developed a range of 50ml dual-wall jars to stunning effect for Polish brand Siquens Dermo Professional. Four products in its Prévention range of age-defying treatments make the most of the standard jars' aesthetic potential.

The Siquens jars exude modern sophistication, featuring a stark, spherical shape with straight sides on a flat base. The two-part structure comprises a PMMA outer jar and a concave inner jar. The outer jar emulates crystal-clear glass, but with the benefit of being break-resistant. The inner wall has been frosted, highlighting the jar's solid substructure.

The formulas are contained in the concave inner jar. The tray’s shape allows easy accessibility while minimising waste, as the product does not get trapped under rims or in corners. The gloss-moulded cap is colour-matched in black. The geometric contours, with clean lines, work to inspire a contemporary, minimalist look.

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