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Perfume accessories with added charm

Whether on your mobile phone or wrist, charms are currently all over the fashion world. So why not on your perfume bottle as well? Spirit can develop beautiful charms that add style and help lift your fragrance out from the crowd.

So why charms? According to Spirit, the addition of a charm is like a mark of quality, adding a premium touch to a bespoke or even customised bottle. Spirit’s design team can create a charm based on your logo or any shape you wish, using a variety of materials, finishes and ties, to match the personality of the brand. Heart shapes and diamantés bestow a feminine allure, while simple acronyms add elegance and class.

In addition, a charm, if repurposed, can transport your product out of the bathroom and onto the street. Top perfume brands have embraced the charm for decades. With Spirit’s design service, this lovely accessory can be adapted to a broad range of products across the perfume spectrum.

Spirit is a Quadpack company.

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