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Packaging goes 'eco-chic'

Gone are the days when organic cosmetics meant low-cost, do-it-yourself recipes of dubious results. The concept of natural beauty now encompasses the whole spectrum of cosmetics, with high-end luxury brands offering first-class organic treatments, free from artificial ingredients. The beauty sector now goes even beyond organic formulas, to encompass environmentally-friendly packaging, under the new umbrella of 'eco-chic'.

Quadpack offers a wide range of packaging solutions perfectly suited for organic brands. For eco-skincare, Yonwoo’s airless range enables cosmetics companies to use less artificial preservatives, by shielding the product from external contaminants. Apollo’s patented foam pumps keep all metal parts out of the product part to ensure greater formula integrity. All can be produced from PP, PE and other recyclable materials, including a whole airless range in recycled cardboard (click here to view).

For ‘eco-make up’, Quadpack proposes beautiful wooden compact and lipstick solutions from Technotraf. With colour cosmetics going back to basics, wood evokes a comfortable hand-crafted feeling that takes you back to nature.

For eco-scents, too, textured packaging offers a real sensory experience. With natural materials like glass and wood, packaging can underline the ecological credentials of the fragrance.

Toiletries can also be natural and, here, Quadpack brings a host of experience in developing packaging solutions for natural deodorants.

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