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Wood beyond limits — part 3

The sky is the limit when you choose to incorporate wood into the packaging of your beauty product. In the third and final instalment of our inspiration boards, Quadpack's designers explore the extreme versatility of this material, with proposals that are sure to surprise and inspire.


Is it stone, pearl or wood? The chameleon-like properties of wood enable it to wear many different looks. Using expert lacquering techniques, it can be made to look like another material, while retaining the qualities that make it flexible to work with.

Deco technique:

Gold leaf application
A gift from nature, wrapped in gold. Who said wood can't be premium? Quadpack's decoration experts can apply gold leaf in bold or delicate patterns. The grain texture can be allowed to show through or areas left exposed for a striking contrast. Quite literally, brilliant!

Design concept:

Combining wood with polyester might not be an obvious choice, but this unexpectedly compatible union produces surprising results. Go for playful and irreverent, or sleek and sophisticated. Other 'cold' materials like zamak also blend remarkably well with the warmth of wood.

View the 'Wood beyond limits' series and other videos on our YouTube channel.

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