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Aesthetic perfection from La Cristallerie des Parfums

Perfume is precious and we wear it like jewellery. As such, it should be kept in a precious case. So says La Cristallerie des Parfums. The niche French brand was created in 2015 by Helena Robin and it has found a loyal following in the ultra-luxury market. Now, she is targeting men with a new range, suitably encased in sumptuous packaging. Quadpack helped her fulfil her vision.

“From the phial to the box, we have carefully planned every detail, aiming at aesthetic perfection. The quality of our products is married to the beauty of the noblest materials,” says Helena. “The packaging was incredibly complex, using a mix of materials and components. Quadpack supported us the whole way, adding value through its expertise and unparalleled service.”

The men’s range comprises three references – Aeria Sirius, Aeria Alkar and Aeria Oris – each contained in a beautifully-shaped 100ml glass phial.

The six-part cap is composed of a mix of ‘noble’ materials. The wooden part is made of sustainably-sourced ash and made at Quadpack’s Technotraf factory. It further features a zamak ring and an elegant silver pendant. A zamak plaque engraved with the logo tops it off, to create a truly spectacular cap like no other in the world.

Quadpack developed the complete primary packaging, with assembly carried out at Technotraf. It also supplied the gift set, consisting of a premium rigid box in the brand’s classic style.

La Cristallerie des Parfums Aeri range is available from travel retail outlets worldwide.

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