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Roll up, roll up! The most inclusive show's in town!

There is no surer way of putting a smile on a child’s face than a circus performance. When that child is disadvantaged through health or circumstance, it’s a way of forgetting day-to-day struggles for some much-needed fun. So when Circus Starr announced its plans to go to Stoke-on-Trent, Quadpack Foundation saw the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand.

Quadpack Foundation exists to help children and young people get a good start in life, wherever Quadpack is present in the world. A good start includes creating great memories and organisations like Circus Starr exist to achieve exactly that.

Circus Starr’s inclusive shows help to bring laughter, playfulness and fun back into young lives. The non-profit organisation challenges perceptions about accessibility, strengthens communities and builds children’s self-esteem.

Quadpack Foundation was proud to sponsor the Stoke-on-Trent show of Circus Starr’s Spring Tour on Saturday 21 April 2018, with a £1,180 donation proudly presented by Foundation Ambassador Sarah Pardoe, from Quadpack’s UK headquarters in nearby Leek.

Circus Starr said: “With Quadpack Foundation’s support, we created a spell-binding, uplifting, feel-good experience for families who struggle to find or afford leisure activities that can meet their child’s needs.”

The touring circus boasts world-class, professional artists from across the globe. Founded in 1987, it provides free seats for thousands of disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children, while helping to raise much needed funds for local charities. For more information about Circus Starr, please visit www.circus-starr.org.uk.

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