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Korean brand The SAEM embraces wood for its new masculine range

Korean brand The SAEM is all about nature. There, it finds inspiration for its products, which focus on natural ingredients and healthy beauty, with an emphasis on ethnic wisdom and a deep respect for the environment. When it developed its new prestige skincare range for men, it wanted the packaging to reflect its ethos, so wood was a natural choice.

The SAEM Classic Homme is a skin-strengthening treatment for men that deeply hydrates and revitalises men’s rough and tight skin, with a sophisticated fragrance expressing masculinity and warmth. The range comprises a Toner and Moisturiser, contained in 130ml bottles.

Following a recommendation from Korean partner Yonwoo, The SAEM selected Quadpack as its packaging provider to design and manufacture a high-end wooden cap for the range. With an extensive team in place in the Asia-Pacific region, including an office in Seoul, Quadpack was able to offer a superior product from its Quadpack Wood factory in Spain.

Quadpack’s Asian team worked closely with the wood experts at the factory, to develop exactly the right component for the brand. A cylindrical cap was professionally crafted in ash, using raw material sourced from sustainably-managed forests. The geometric design follows the shape of the bottle, for a strong upright profile that’s perfect for the range. The natural grain pattern is left exposed – one you can see, feel and touch, adding a sensory level to the pack.

The SAEM Classic Homme is now available from the brand’s stores in Asia and the US.

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