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Georgina and Turia are the perfect match

The Quadpack Design and Advanced Technologies Department has been hard at work addressing the question, ‘What will the Beauty Market Look Like in 2022?’

As explained in last month’s newsletter, the answer lies in four themes that define future trends.

But what are trends without people to drive them? As part of this new approach, Quadpack is introducing eight consumer-centric personalities that represent the new beauty consumers, and how they relate to cosmetic products.

These fun little narratives begin this month with Georgina – part of the Oracle theme – and the Turia jar.

But firstly, who is Georgina?

“I love fashion, and dress to express my moods and feelings. I am very free-spirited; so, don’t try to dictate to me! Searching for a deeper meaning is second nature, and I like my make-up and skin products to ‘speak’ to me in unexpected ways with a fun gesture or fragrance. I get a real kick out of products that are as spontaneous as I am, but I also appreciate things that are simple and unpretentious. My friends and I are always talking about great things we find on social media, especially Instagram. Anything that expresses the way I feel I share with them. They are my tribe.”

The Turia jar from Quadpack’s Q-Line catalogue speaks to people like Georgina. This compact 10ml jar is a ready made solution for lip balms, solid fragrances and travel formats. Versatile, easily decorated and cute-as-a-button, the Turia jar is ready to go with just about anything. Just like Georgina.

Check out the Turia jar in our online catalogue.

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