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On a roll with Quadpack's fragrance vials

We all know the feeling. We are stuck in traffic or leaving the gym, and need a quick hit of our favourite fragrance or essential oil. When we are on the move, sprays can be cumbersome and bottles can break. Pocket-friendly, roll-on vials therefore provide the perfect format for crazy busy lifestyles.

Quadpack’s range of glass roll-on fragrance vials look great and provide a sensory experience. The metal ball glides the fragrance or oil onto targeted areas such as pulse points, providing a pleasant cooling gesture and instant pick-me-up.

Roll-on vials are easily filled, and particularly good for thick, alcohol-free formulas, as the ball’s movement cuts down on clogging.

Their slender, ergonomic design can be customised for all markets. For a prestige look, a wooden cap adds an eco accent and can be decorated with simple, stylish engraving. Masstige brands can have a lot of fun with colourful hot stamping and anodised metal caps. And for a true luxury experience with a wellness ethos, the metal roller ball can be replaced with a semi-precious stone, such as purple amethyst or jade.

Quadpack’s glass roll-on vials are available in formats of 3, 5, 7.5, 10 and 15 mls. You can choose from a flat base, which stands upright on a shelf, or a cylindrical base, that makes it easy to grab and use, anytime, anywhere.

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