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Fine Mist spray is a breath of fresh air

It’s often said that fashion goes in cycles. Responding to the current rage for spraying and spritzing, Quadpack has re-launched Fine Mist; an astonishingly effective spray for water-based formulas.

Spraying on a lightweight layer of facial product is back on the trend radar. Perhaps it's the rising global temperatures or our on-the-go lifestyles. It could be the influence of Korean beauty regimes and their preference for lighter, water-based products. Without the environmentally damaging effects of aerosols, the Fine Mist spray dispenses an incredibly sheer and even mist of products to hydrate, protect and perk up skin throughout the day.

Fine Mist is available in sizes from 30ml to 150ml and three different nozzle widths, which the user can play with, adjusting spray extent and density according to their moods and needs. This intuitive function means Fine Mist is suitable for a wide variety of products, from fixers and toners, to those that require greater volume, such as sunscreens and spritzers

You can go to town with colourful silk-screening, hot stamping and even metallization on the bottle, or how about a contrasting nozzle for a pert little gesture that really pops out on the shelf.

Whichever way you go, the Fine Mist is destined to become the new must-have in the handbag, and will keep your customers looking and feeling cool all day long.

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