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Starting out right - The Quadpack Foundation and Los Primos

A good start in life should be the right of any young person. Yet in an increasingly complex world, this is sadly not always the case.

Quadpack Foundation, the charitable arm of Quadpack, is particularly concerned with helping disadvantaged children. Although the foundation – and indeed Quadpack itself – has a global reach, it strongly believes in the positive impact of targeted community projects.

As Accounting Manager at Quadpack’s Dallas-based, US Distributor East Hill Industries, Casandra Sanders was well aware of Quadpack Foundation’s values. She thought them a good fit with Los Primos Dallas, a local, non-profit organization she herself is involved with, and one that is dear to her heart.

The aim of Los Primos (or ‘cousins’) Dallas is to help low-income Latino youth become college- and career-ready and equip them with life skills. They do this through a programme of mentors, who coach the mentees and often become extended members of their families. “I never had a mentor,” says Sanders when asked why she decided to become one. “As a first generation college graduate, I feel I could have been more successful in my early life if I did.”

The Quadpack Foundation donated scholarship funds to sponsor a college education for five of Los Primos Dallas mentees. It is also hosting a summer internship programme at East Hill for three more, offering them invaluable experience in the world of commerce.

Being a small and relatively new, volunteer-run organization, Los Primos Dallas founder Alicia Serrato says support from the local business community is vital. “Many of our mentors are professionals, but were once immigrants themselves, so have lived the experience of our students. Corporate sponsorship, like that of the Quadpack Foundation, will give us the ability to expand, build on opportunities and help provide them with a better future.”

To find out more about Los Primos Dallas:

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