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A day in the life of Lauren, Quadpack's proud eco-citizen

Like many urban spirits, Lauren loves her busy life. “I like to be active but value the moments I can dedicate to myself. My busy life doesn’t prevent me from paying attention to what’s important: taking care of my body and the world I live in”.

Lauren wakes up very early in the morning to dedicate time to her beauty routine – she loves her skincare premium products, especially the eco-friendly ones that she has carefully chosen for their recyclable, compostable packaging. “The downside of living in a metropolis is to see waste everywhere. I like to think that I’m doing my part. From the daily decisions of what to buy to the moment I dispose my garbage, I know I can make the difference”.

As soon as she takes her organic, healthy breakfast, she walks to work, a finance company in the city centre. “My working life is stressful and requires long hours. I love the thrill of my job, but I need to let off steam”. And she does that going to the gym every day after work, where she also indulges a luxury spa treatment from time to time.

After a long day, all she needs is a fresh meal. As an ever-connected urban citizen, she’s already ordered everything online, making sure that the packaging is reusable and recyclable. Tired but still committed to her self-care, she doesn’t forget to finish the day with her beauty regime.

Quadpack’s Eco-warrior is a perfect match for green city souls like Lauren’s. Its recyclable, reusable components are an answer to exigent consumers who are increasingly conscious about the impact of their buying decisions.

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