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Modern but Mature, Lavinia Is Curious about What's to Come

The most experienced member of the Quadpack Family doesn’t believe in age labels

Lavinia has always been ahead of her time: all through her life, she has explored her creativity and challenged stereotypes in her adventurous artistic career. As the world changed and technology advanced, she was excited to see society moving forward and providing new platforms of self-expression. “It took me some time, but I am now an internet and social media user! But I haven’t given up my old habits of exercising and handcrafting. I think both worlds coexist beautifully”, she says.

She’s in her senior years and doesn’t want to hide her age even though she wouldn’t like to be labelled by it. “I’m not old, I’m experienced! I value my knowledge and my history but I’m always open to try new things”.

Her beauty routine translates into a mix of traditional and new: while she’s kept loyal to her favourite brands so far, she’s curious about new formulas and packs. “I am ready now to move forward to more up-to-date beauty products, where I can reap the benefits of new technologies and improvements but without complicating my life”, she says.

Easy-to-use products that help her feel good are ideal for her unique personality. Quadpack’s Twist Up tube couples perfectly with Lavinia’s ageless soul!

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